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Help! Old first premier now hurting me ?!

I have been in the rebuilding process . The last few apps I filled out I had no issues with approval.


Today apply for apple financing through barclay - denied. When asked the reason was told recent late payments to first premier, an oldie from 9/2005 and a copy of my TU report I pulled in August 2011 lists it as closed 3/2006 "charged off as bad debt"


Also says estimated date of removal 12/2012


On an experian report I pulled today its shows the original first premier one as $389 charged off  scheduled to continue to 12/2012


but now it also shows

LVNV funding

Original creditor First Premier

Account charged off $389

Collection Account $563 past due as of Oct 2012

Balance as of 10/2012 $563


What do I do?! Send a PFD letter with a settlement offer?


Ugh so aggravating , was really on my way started at scores under 600 and got my scorewatch notification I hit my goal of 640 and set a new goal of 650.


Any advice is MUCH appreciated, as always! xo