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Re: GW fun, EQ Stubbornness, and other shenanigans in rebuilding - an anecdote
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Does anyone have some solid contact info for Comenity/WFNNB as far as GW purposes go?


I'd like to see if I can be as convincing to them for an old DressBarn account I opened for my ex-wife during the first marriage.


I sent them a letter via fax, but I have a feeling it might have found its way into the "Pfft, really?" bin. If I were to get these cats to flatline the history, I'd 

be in the proverbial high cotton (couple of 60s dancing about and blowing spitballs everywhere).


Also, in the "sweet deal" section of things, I got an e-mail from Merrick's customer service today. They amped my limit up by another $300 to a very

nice $1500. That's the second bump in six months!

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