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How much should I offer First Premier?

PFD's are a no go with this company. Luckily, they have not yet assigned/sold my debt to a CA. I want to pay them before this happens. Regardless of whether it says I settled for less or not, I'd like it to go down to $0 since this particular debt is affecting my utilization. The amount is $901, and the original credit limit was $800. Should I offer them $500? I am thinking of calling them first before I send a letter to see if I can have them fax me something and then I will pay them off. Otherwise I will send a letter. Is it normal for them to just "reject" an offer and then counter-offer with the amount they are looking for or will I just poke the bear? I am definitely within SOL, and the account was closed in 2010. I think they sent me an offer once for somewhere in the $600's, and not to ass-u-me what they will do, but I don't think they'll sue me for $900. 


I could be wrong, but that's not the point. The point of offering them even 12 cents is this IS my debt, it IS my responsibility and I know THEY are not going away. I will attempt a GW barrage until I have exhausted the acceptable amount of stamps and then I am in for a 7 year ride. Is the phone even a good idea? I spoke to Cap1 on the phone once and the executive office guy was actually pretty nice and offered to remove the last few lates and all of the extra fees from my balance but at the time it still left me in the gutter credit wise. Thanks!

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