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Re: Pay For Delete (many questions)

KnewBee wrote:

1. You can ask, generally PFDs have greater chance of success the more you offer, but worst they can do is say no to a lower offer

2.  You can, most people prefer to use regular mail so there is formal documentation of communications, but not required.

3.  Depends on CA, some are hestitant to put in writing due to agreement with CRAs not to delete paid collections but YMMV

4.  Not sure on this one, but I dont see why not. You may have to have judgements vacated depending on situation.

5.  See GW letter, this is what you would use for these.

6.  Varies greatly depending on situation, anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months, but usually at least a month or more, again YMMV.

7.  Up to you. Probably depends what your credit needs are between now and when they fall off on their own.


Hope this helps!



Also on number 4 you have to have the judgment vacated through the courts to get it removed.  A PFD would only delete the collection account.  I had 7 collection accounts last year.  All but one refused a PFD no matter how I approached them.  Most refuse it cause of their agreement with the CRA's plus they wont agree to it in a paper trail cause that means there is evidence on something they werent supposed to do.  I have had most success with paying the account in full then sending a GW letter asking for a delete kindly

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