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Re: Fraud and not even gotten credit established

Your situation is prime for using the FCRA fraud/identity theft process, which congress enacted to deal with the adverse credit reporting and scoring impacts of fraud/identity theft information.


The dispute process is not the best way to deal with such issues.  When you dispute, the creditor is required to investigate their records and confirm based on their information that the reporting was accurate.  The dispute process does not compel them to produce documents or evidence to support their verification,  and thus does not get the real issue resolved.  They have no way of knowing their records may be fraudulent, so verification on their part is appropriate.


The FCRA identity theft process was enacted to permits consumers, by filing a sworn statement before law enforcement officials that the information was never authorized by them, and accordingly must have been done by another, to instantly get the information blocked from their credit report (FCRA 605B)) by sending a copy to the CRA, and additionally require the creditor to produce business records pertaining to the account (FCRA 609(e)) that they are not compelled to provide via the dispute process.


It starts with willingness to put your assertions in a sworn police report.