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Re: How much should I offer First Premier?
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Absent getting their agreement to delete, which I assume they wont do, then in my opinion there are two remaining issues.


One is preventing them from collection referral or sale of the debt, thus resulting in a collection being reported, and if sold, immediately taking the OC entirely out of the process.


Two is the possibility that if you settle for less, they will also report the special comment of "paid for less" to the CRA.  That comment alone, apart from any credit scoring issues, is always a negative comment in any future manual review of your credit report, as it informs others that in the past you failed to fully pay all debt incurred.

You could address that issue by requesting, as part of your settlement offer,that they not report that additional special comment to the CRA, thus making your settlement appear to anyone viewing your credit report the same as if the debt had been paid in full.


Other than the obvious downside of more money out of pocket by paying in full, that is, in my opinion, the cleanest approach.  And payment in full may foste a later feeling of more good will on their part should you follow up with a GW after paying.