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How much do you think my credit score will change?
I currently have a total of 16 collection accounts and 2 medical judgments on my CR (11 on TU, 13 on EX, and 16 on EQ). On TU, 7 are scheduled to fall off in 2013, and 6 are scheduled on EX and EQ. How much should my score change after those accounts are gone? My "positives" are an auto loan 3/2011, personal loan 8/2012, Capital One 5/2012, Fingerhut 8/2012, SDFCU Visa 10/2012, Walmart 11/2012, JC Penney 11/2012. I also have a Target card, but it hasn't been reported yet. Hopefully you can see my current scores below. Thanks.

Starting Scores: (4/16/12 lender pull) TU 596 | EX 550 | EQ 576
Current Score (9/3/15): Wally TU 639 | Amex EX 628 | DCU EQ 639
Goals: Homeowner as of 9/27/2013. Last app 8/1/15. TU-5; EX-16; EQ-13. Aiming for ZERO inqs.