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Re: How much should I offer First Premier?

If you settle, they will NEVER delete out of good will - I can ALMOST guarentee you that.


Look at it this way - your loan your friend money, he doesn't pay you back. It sours the relationship and so you go and shoot your mouth off to somoene about how he owed you money and didn't pay you back.


He then comes back and says "i'm not going to pay it all to you, but I'll pay you half and we can just consider it done since we're not firends anymore" would you then go around and tell people "he's a great guy?"


no, and FP is not only a company that doesn't care what people think about them (they don't need to - their market is people who NEED them not, the other way around) so why would they care if you then praised them even more so if you don't pay in full.



I think RobertEG is right, if your going to settle make sure there is an agreement that they can not make a notation that the debt was settled for less. Otherwise if your going to look for a GW down the line, pay it 100% in full. Send a GW letter WITH the payment saying that even though THEY offered to settle for 300 less you thought it was the right thing to pay your debt off in full and that you would like them to return the favor of deleting the tradeline.


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