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Beyond Frustrated!!!

Since July 2012 I have been disputing two collection accounts on my credit report.  The purported debt ($6K) is related to an old California lease (2007-2008).  Second, two collection agencies are reporting the same debt to the CRAs.  The collection agencies report virtually the same date of assignment and the same collection amounts, so there should be no argument the debt is one and the same.  Third, according to California law, the statute of limitations on written lease contracts is four years.  Since the statute of limitations has expired, both collection agencies are legally barred from attempting to collect the debt.  Also, it is also unlawful under the FCRA, to have duplicate reporting of the same debt by two collection agencies.  Beginning in July, I've sent three rounds of dispute letters to all parties, i.e. the two collection agencies, and the three CRAs.  To no avail.  The CRAs respond each time by sending me the results of the dispute investigation and saying they have validated the debt amounts thru the collection agencies.  I am at my wits end.  I have read and re-read the forums on these types of collection account.  I believe I have done everything I could, documented it all via CMRRR etc.  At the very least, since the statute of limitations has expired, the collection agencies should close the collection accounts and report a $0 balance.  At best, they should DELETE the trade lines from my credit reports.


I attempted to buy a home a few months ago and these collection accounts related to this lease was a significant factor why my loan was not approved.


So my question is... what else can I do to get these trade lines deleted?!?  Is this now a situation where I should hire an attorney to get this resolved?