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Clean as a whistle.

Got my last baddie off EQ this morning. Looking at my shiny, clean, no blemishes CR.  Now you know why I volunteer hear.  So thankful to those that have helped me, and plan on a long time of paying it forward.  Good Luck to everyone!

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Re: Clean as a whistle.

Great job Gunnar!!!! You have been an inspiration and aid to all of us. Thanks and keep going.

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Re: Clean as a whistle.

Congrats!  That's awesome!  Great way to end 2012!  

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Congrats. What was the last baddie, and how did you get it off?

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Re: Clean as a whistle.

Very happy for you!  Scores are looking good!

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Re: Clean as a whistle.

That's awesome... Congraulations!!!! You deserve it, you help everyone around here.

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Re: Clean as a whistle.
Fantastic work, Congrats! Smiley Happy

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Re: Clean as a whistle.


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Re: Clean as a whistle.


"When you are down in the mouth, remember, everything turned out ok for Jonah."

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Re: Clean as a whistle.

Congratulations!! I'm happy dancing for you too!! Smiley Happy

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