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Re: Beyond Frustrated!!!

If the SOL has expired, how can the CA still attempt to collect the debt?  The 2 collection accounts were reported in August 2008 and they would be otherwise scheduled to drop off my credit report in August 2015.  Since July, I've spent HOURS trying to determine who actually owns the debt.  I started by calling the apartment building.  The issue is that since 2008 the property manager of this apartment building in Los Angeles has changed at lease THREE times.  They have never sued me.  They have never entered a judgment of any kind.  Again, the SOL expired a few months ago.  I have done at least three rounds of letters to the CAs and CRAs, beginning with a DV letter via CMRRR.  I have not submitted a PFD or PIF letter because frankly I do not have $6K to toss to the wind.