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Re: Beyond Frustrated!!!

Absolutely.  I have sent 3 rounds of DV letters via CMRRR since July and each instance I've outlined that the two CAs have violated FDCPA and FCRA due to the same collection being reported multiple times. 


Only one of the two CAs has responded to my DV by providing me with what is purportedly proof of the $6K debt. I wrote back to that CA and explained that I properly terminated my lease by giving the required 30-day written notice and that I do not owe any outstanding rent.  This high rise apartment building changed property managers at least 3 times since 2008 so there's been a bit of confusion over who the OC is.  I think I've finally figured out who the OC is and I've calling their corporate office multiple times.  Each phone call is an exercise in futility.  When I call OC, I an connected to a main switchboard that sends me into a circular series of records from which I can never navigate to get to speak with a LIVE person.


FYI, the 2 CAs are Corporate Trust Recovery and Kimball Tirey & St. John LLC. Each CA reports the same DOFD, the same date of assignment, and exact same collection amount on my credit report. BTW, these are the only two collection accounts on my credit report and in total it appears that I have collections in the amount of $12K!


The multiple reporting violation by the two CA has been completely ignored by Equifax, TransUnion and Experian when I point this out to them via DV via CMRRR.  I would have expected that due to the violation, at least one of the CA would have to drop off.  Not the case.  They both continue to repport.  The CRAs have done nothing to enforce FDCPA and FCRA.