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PFDs and GWs

     I see a lot of posts asking for GWs and PFDs to send to certain creditors.  I must say I disagree with this.  A GW and a PFD is a request from YOU and not from a form you found on the internet.  You can broswe and look at what some others have posted, but make it yourself.  Below I will bring up a few points that have worked for me.




1.  Keep them short and simple.  Don't write a novel, if you write a 4 page letter you can pretty much be asured it will get tossed.  They won't take the time to read a novel.  Get your point across and make it a quick read.


2.  Be polite and professional.  Do the research when asking for your GW.  


3.  Bring a part of you into the GW.  Make it a personal request.  You know the difference between a robo letter and a letter that someone has written to you, well they know it too.


4.  Thank you.  And this is important.  Thank them for their time and their consideration.  You are asking for something that they don't have to give, so show a lttle gratitude when playing on their compassion.





1.  Pretty much everything you see for the GWS, will apply torward the PFD.


2.  A PFD is a sort of GW so treat it that way.  Don't make a bunch of demands, remember it is a type of GW, so ask politely.




If you receive a letter from the CAs demanding action now, or being rude, you will sometimes say, "They aren't going to get a penny from me".  They will feel the same way with you when they receive a threatening letter.  BE NICE!      


To sum it all up, make it come from you.  Your situation is not my situation.  Write from the heart.  Best of luck to all of you. 




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