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Rebuilding, scores wont budge!

I was lurking around for a while and decided to join. I did some damage to my credit during my college years and I've been working on rebuilding. I started really working on it at the beginning of the year with my scores all being in the low 500s. My scores are now Experian 641/ TransUnion 617/ Equifax 596.  I recently got two new credit cards for a total of four. Once I got these cards my experian score went up by 43 points in one month while the others stayed the same. I can't get them to budge at all! 


This is the bad stuff that is currently on my reports:


  • $50 medical collection from 4/2007
  • $400 medical collection from 2010
  • $80 medical collection from 2010 (Paid in full, waiting to see if they will delete as promised)
  • $190 medical collection from 2010
  • $212 collection ( doesnt list a company, no clue what it is so it has been disputed)
  • $116 medical collection from 2010
  • $39 medical collection (Trying to find out HOW to pay this company, can't locate)
  • $967 credit card collection from 2005
  • $500 credit card collection from 2005

I should probably note that in the past two years I've had four major surgeries that have led to the medical collections. Now that Im healthy and able, would like to fix my mistakes.


This is the good stuff on my reports:


  • Orchard bank credit card opened 8/2011- $300 limit
  • Capital one credit card opened 5/2012- Recent CLI from $300 to $500.
  • Wells Fargo Auto Loan opened 6/2012 -  4.2% with my fiance on the loan as well
  • Several student loans totaling  being reported as paid as agreed since 2008
  •  Wells Fargo team member rewards card opened 10/2012. -$ 1000 limit
  •  Walmart store card opened 10/2012 - $600 limit

So my main question is, what should I do now? I want to get those medical collections off. If I pay these and get them removed will it help my scores? I paid off one credit card collection and it reported as paid in full but it hurt my score. Should I just focus on paying everything else on time?


My fiance and I would like to purchase a house in the next year or so. His scores are 800+ across the board and I would like to get mine as high as possible before then.

Thanks for your help!!