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Re: Rebuilding, scores wont budge!

This is the bad stuff that is currently on my reports:


  • $50 medical collection from 4/2007
  • Send a PFD
  • $400 medical collection from 2010
  • Send a PFD
  • $80 medical collection from 2010 (Paid in full, waiting to see if they will delete as promised)
  • Keep an eye on this one, hopefully it will be removed
  • $190 medical collection from 2010
  • Send a PFD
  • $212 collection ( doesnt list a company, no clue what it is so it has been disputed)
  • Where did you get your report from?  Have you gone to
  • $116 medical collection from 2010
  • Send a PFD
  • $39 medical collection (Trying to find out HOW to pay this company, can't locate)
  • I ask again where you got your report from.
  • $967 credit card collection from 2005
  • $500 credit card collection from 2005
  • What is the DOFD of these 2?  Is it from 2005?  If so then they are close to falling off.  

So my main question is, what should I do now? I want to get those medical collections off. If I pay these and get them removed will it help my scores? I paid off one credit card collection and it reported as paid in full but it hurt my score. Should I just focus on paying everything else on time?


Pay everything on time.  You've got some positive TLs going now, so garden those well.  Yes, removing these medical collections and the 2 CC collections will give you a big boost.  Just paying them off doesn't removed the negative status.  Try for those PFDs.




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