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Re: Sphinx313's Credit Journal. The road to 700!

First PFD failure, and probably the last time I will reference the account. Farmer's Furniture replied to my request for PFD in full and declined, saying they never change the credit reporting system under any circumstances. This one is a 2017'er. DoFD in 2010. Also my OLDEST account from 2007, and could actually have opposite effects if it were removed. I sent my electronic reply stating that they would only see funds in 2 scenario's, agree to PFD or sue me for $140 in my state. A bus ticket costs more to get here form Georgia. Will try again in the future as it ages. I am slowly realizing that I was unlucky with the CA's I have been assigned. Almost all of them have a history of no PFD/GW. On to the next.

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