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Charge off question

I have been working on my credit report for about 6 months now. When I was young I mis managed credit badly a few years ago, I was 22 and had $15,000 of available credit cards and used it all on stupid stuff. Long story short I fell behind and thought I'd never be able to fix my credit so I didn't pay any credit cards (just car loan) and decided to wait 7 years for all of the negatives to falloff. That was 3 1/2 yrs ago and I am in a spot where I want to fix my credit. I have a car loan that will be paid in full next September (this was from when I had good credit so interest rate is only 8.3%) and I have 3 secured cards 1-$1000 1-$1000 1-$500 oldest one is 6 months old and newest one is 2 months old. I keep balances less than 5% and pay in full every month and need to increase my scores a lot still so I'm looking to still clean up credit report and rebuild My credit.Transunion is a 555 and Equifax is a 650. I have gotten rid of most baddies but have a few questions any help is greatly appreciated. 


1. I had a b of a charge off for $10,000 that is out of sol and is reporting as a b of a $0 charge off and asset acceptance corp as a $18,000 collection. So who do I contact to resolve this account and how much should I offer $$$ for pfd 


2. I have an eos collection fort AT&T that doesn't belong to me but came back verified, how do I proceed ?


3. Do I need more than 3 secured cards or should I increase my secured credit limits ?