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Re: what's the best start?

palagretto wrote:

Hi to everyone,


I am having such a rough time getting started.


My goal is to improve my wife’s scores so we can qualify for a home mtg. A lender pulled her scores

on 10/29/2012 and they were:

EFX  604

TRU  600

XPN  612


I pulled her CR’s from


The Good:


-GM Financial Auto installment opened 4/2012   pmt $575/ bal $25,079


-Cap 1 CC AU  opened 5/2004 never late bal $500/ CL $15,000


-BofA  Mtg  opened 3/2004  paid, closed, never late ( not sure why this shows as positive for her since this home

Foreclosed on me but not her).


The Bad:


-Two Cap 1 CC (one used to be HSBC)  $300 CL with balances of  $9 on each carried over and paid every month.


One was opened 11/2010 the other 1/2011, they are reporting negatively because each has 3 30-day late.

 The 30 day lates aren't too bad, they will lose their affect pretty quick.  Let's look at the others first.

-Barclays Bank Delaware  $0 bal Closed  $3,225 CO DOFD 8/2007

 Will fall off late 2014 or early 2015.  What's the SOL of your state? Has been sold to a CA

-Chase $0 bal Closed  $4,255 CO  DOFD  7/2007

 Same as above

-GECRB/Care Credit  Paid and Closed/ Account closed by credit grantor.

This account shows “Pays as Agreed” but it has a 30,30,60,60, and a 90 before we were able to pay it in full.

 Send GWs to GE, the account has been paid.  Wouldn't hurt to try.


-Universal Recovery Corpo  Medical CA  $249 DOFD 9/2009 (I think, I take estimated date item will be removed and

Subtract 7yrs, right?)

 Add 7 years + 180 days and that's when it will fall off.  Can try for PFD

-Stanislaus Credit Control Medical CA $161 DOFD 1/2011


- Stanislaus Credit Control Medical CA $221 DOFD 1/2011

 Pretty current, try for PFD

-LVNV Funding, LLC  DOFD 7/2007  I am very suspect of this acct. They list Washington Mutual as OC. We don’t

recall ever having a CC with WAMU. Furthermore, the acct. #  LVNV reports is the same as the Chase CO CC listed above,

and the original amount that LVNV reports is $4,345 and Chase reports they CO’ed $4,344.

Another note is that it LVNV lists Responsibility of the acct. as individual, now I checked my CR and this same TL is on mine from LVNV saying WAMU OC stating responsibility individual…pardon my ignorance but wouldn’t it say joint with so in so? or am I being irrelevant.

Lastly, There are actually two TL’s when the lender pulls her CR for LVNV. For what ever reason they report to XPN  on one line as and installment, or at least I think they do cause it shows INS 09. On the line right above is the one that reports to TRU and EFX  and this one has a OPN 09 at the end, I’m assuming that means open?

 Chase took over the WAMU accounts so that explains why it's Chase, but if you don't recall having an account, you should file a direct dispute with them to make sure it's yours.

Thanks in advance for anything you all have to offer





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