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Re: Charge off question

1.  You will have to deal with Asset Acceptance on this debt.  The OC has sold it off and no longer has any claim to it, hence it is reporting the $0 balance.  As far as how much to offer, that is totally up to you but make for certain you are outside the SOL, this is a large amount.  Maybe start with 25% and see where to go from there.


2.  Do a direct dispute with EOS, contact ATT and ask if you've had an account with them that's been sold off or in collections.  If they say yes and you didn't, then file a police report with your local law enforcement for identity theft and send that in.  Make sure though that it wasn't yours.


3. You have enough in the secured cards.  Maybe work on boosting their amounts a little, it's still your money, kind of like a savings account.


Best of luck to you!

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