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Goodwill letter?

Hello. I am new here and this is my first post! I had a question about goodwill letters. I have an account and about $600 is left owed on it. It is a jewelry account. I made the mistake of opening the account in my name but letting my mother use it. Last year it was marked 120 days late and once this year it was marked 30 days late. Could I send a good will letter to the creditor asking if I pay the account in full right now then will they remove the 120 day late mark or is that illegal? I'm not sure its just killing me that this is affecting my credit. I pay all my bills on time and this is the one thing thats negative and it's driving me insane!! At this point I'm willing just to pay it in full for her! Please let me know if anyone has any advice! Thanks so much Smiley Happy

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