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High Utilization on Some Cards and Mortgage

I am currently in the process of applying for a mortgage. We are getting our house built through Ryan Homes. I have about 3 cards that are considered "maxed out". I wanted to know if I pay these down to about 70-80% utilization, would I see a significant increase in score. I will also be paying off a installment loan with a $115 payment within the next 60 days. My mid score is currently a 634. I am attempting to get to 650-670 range by March. Any input is greatly appreciated.

Starting Score:TransUnion: 698 (12 FEB 2010), Equifax: 674 (12 FEB 2010)
Current Score (Lender Pulled):TransUnion: 695 (26 JUN 2013), Equifax: 636 (26 JUN 2013), Experian: 670 (26 JUN 2013)
Goal Score:All scores 700+ by Dec 2013!!

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