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Re: 3 baddies left

RN67 wrote:

Ok friends here is what I have left:

1.  ACS/JP Morgan student loan $16,000.  I am the co borrower with my exhusband. It was his student loan. It is in forbearance until Feb 2013. Reporting as pays as agrees but has NUMEROUS 120+ past due statues. I'm not even tackling this until after holidays. It makes me too mad.

2.  Ashley Funding $422 past due. Original creditor EmCare. I have no idea what this is. I have sent DV letters and PFD letters. No response. I finally emailed EmCare and they are trying to see what it is. On credit report it say debt disputed. DOLA  April 2008. What do I do now??

3.  Medical Data Systems. Collection. $186. Paid in 2010.  I have sent numerous GW letters to several different people.  Received 2 letters back saying info is reporting paid. but will not delete. What do I do now??


I want these stupid baddies GONE! Smiley Wink

Ashley funding and MDS are likley Med collections and they are normally easy to get removed. best of luck to you