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Re: Very Nervous - IN THE PROCESS OF RENTING (Needs Advice)

from my experience with my (crappy) scores they always asked for a higher deposit I usually had to put 1 months rent down as a deposit. I went to one apartment complex and they told me they take both applicants historys and combine and divide it by two.. and take that average as if u were one person. Which IMO she should be able to bring u both up high enough for standard deposits or whatver special they have.


every apartment situation is different though but those are my experiences renting.


+1 on buying. I live in the Bay Area, CA and here you can own a condo for at least $500 less than you can rent. All the foreclosed homes caused people to move into apartments and drive up the prices. As soon as I get my scores up above 680 and get a promotion at work im going to be applying for my first mortgage. best way to go! 


im 24 btw if i can be a home owner by 25 i think that would be an accomplishment!!



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