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Re: LVNV Issues

The cease phone calls was in the DV letter, last paragraph, not separate.  It specifically stated to mail communications, not call.  They were notorious for calling and hanging up without leaving messages.  Took me some time to realize it was them.  This last paragraph was obviously bad advice I received.


Is there a recourse? Specifically, something I may do to allow them to mail me as requested.  Like I said, I'm at a loss here.  I've sent that same DV letter to other companies (inclusive of the cease telephone calls and all correspondence must be via mail USPS paragraph) and have not had this issue with any other creditor.  It seems they take it to a different level.  


Regardless, I need to circumvent this situation... anyone any ideas how to move forward.  The underlying issue for ME is, I've never heard of CorTrust, nor do I believe I've ever had an account with them, hence my requesting a validation of debt 3 times prior to the BBB dispute.  When this was with Arrow, I did a regular dispute, and it was gone.  


Lastly, RobertEG... I am confused by your last paragraph.  I do appreciate your advice, but, can you clarify the last paragraph a bit more or PM me?



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