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Re: Paid original creditor, can CA tradeline be disputed?

RobertEG wrote:

There is simply no such thing as an OC "pulling back" collection reporting done by their assigned debt collector.  It is not their reporting.


 Payment of the debt terminates any collection on the debt, so the debt collector is required only to close their collection and report $0 still under collection.


The OC certainly can request their debt collector to delete, but that's all.  Such requests from a creditor are asking the debt collector to act contrary to their reporting agreement with the CRA, which stipulates that reporting should not be deleted based on payment of a debt, so I would not fault any OC for avoiding that mess. 


In reporting a collector, an assigned debt collector is not reporting the debt, they are reporting their collection efforts on the debt.

Subsequent payment of the debt, regardless of who it is routed, does not alter the fact of their prior, authorized reporting of their collection, and does not require its deletion.


While many seem to prefer to pay the OC and disregard the debt collector, that is not, in my opinion, usually the best path.

The debt collector can agree to deletion of their own reporting.  Having been left out of the job they were hired to do may not foster a feeling of subsequent GW deletion on their part.



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I agree with RobertEG, as I usually do in this situation, I just always like to add that I have had success doing exactly what is listed above, paying the OC in exchange they compel the CA to remove the account.


They don't have to, you are trying to use your payment to leverage the OC against the CA. The CA likely will cave, if they have a working relationship they want to maintain. 


At least that is my theory. However, YMMV and don't think for a second you 40 dollars is worth more than the XYZ amount of money a collection company might bring to the table.



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