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Re: Paid original creditor, can CA tradeline be disputed?

I agree with both RobertEG and Scott:  both approaches could work depending on the CA and the OC involved. 


As RobertEG indicated, paying the OC (particularly if the OC is not reporting) is not a nice way to build a rapport with the CA and get them to delete the TL.


So, what I would do is conduct a couple of searches on this forum and probably other similar ones to find out about others experiences with the OC and the CA. Though each experience is unique, the results of the search will likely point you in the right direction, as far as taking chances.


In my case (Comcast versus Eastern Account Systems), my searches showed that both companies are difficult to work with, but easier to get a deletion once the account is paid in full.  So I went head and made payments to the CA - pay and then GW.


So, consider the merits of both approaches and hopefully one of them will work.


cheers, Oy

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