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Re: Zombie Debt

I and something similar but from am old Sprint account then passed thru a few collection agencies and finally ended up with LVNV until I got a letter recently from Resurgent Services or something to that effect offering to settle for 25% of the balance. 


Checked all three credit reports, saw that neither Sprint nor LVNV was still reporting and it's well past the SOL so I ignored the letter and filed it away. 

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Re: Zombie Debt

As Illecs says if you feel compeled to pay pay. Be careful though they could report it as settled CO. By making arrangements you wake the clock.  Personally anything that old I could not even verify after 7 and a half years Lots of roomates so I blatantly till them to not bother. Then cease and desist letter.

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Re: Zombie Debt

 Some zombie debt collectors can be very litigeous.  You might expect for them to file suit to collect on it , if its a big bill. HOwever should that happen, all you have to do is show up with the affirmative defense that its past the sol, slam dunk.