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Re: Help please! Anyone? Key Derogatory SBA Line of Credit Charge Off US Bank

ZiggstergetsaREFI wrote:

Shogun wrote:

They are still listing a balance, so I would assume that they still have the debt, otherwise it would be $0.  Do you have the funds to PFD?  They are fairly recent so I would assume that they are within the SOL of your state.

Well, that's a good question. Would the PFD be for the amount past due? That's less than the last amount they tried to get from me. Should I write a letter for PFD for the amount past due? From what I've read on the boards, if they don't own the debt and receive the PFD, then they will have to say so and report a zero balance. And yes, I am still within SOL, and this is an SBA line of credit, which means the US Treasury is involved. Is it odd that I haven't heard anything from CA or Treasury? It makes me wonder whether I should just leave it alone. I'm so confused!


Hi Shogun, two more questions. So, if the OC still shows a balance, but their comments say they "transfered to recovery" and "charged-off as bad debt", "UNPAID BALANCE CHARGED OFF" etc. what does that mean? I mean, how can they still own it if they wrote it off? Also, what should I do about the fact that EX is still reporting it twice - Duplicate? I've disputed via CMRRR plus online, plus on the phone, and they keep just verifying one or the other TL. Arghh