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Re: How To Remove Midland Credit Management (easy!)


I am in New Jersey and Midland bought several of my collection accounts and used a firm here in NJ to collect them all.  I have paid the firm on most but it seems like

Midland keeps buying my old debt because I just got a letter in the mail this week about 2 more (I only have about 5 more accounts left unpaid, everything else has been PIF or settled in the last 3 years).  Dealing with the law firm is easy and since they are familiar with my name they know I will eventually pay the debt.  Right now I am

on a payment plan of $50 and $75 a month until I get my tax return in March and then I will just settle with the law firm.  The debt is 1200 & 2300.  I joked with the law firm saying they are making lots of money from contact just laughed.  At the end of the day the debt is mine, I won't fight it but I also can't pay it out right so the payment

plan works. I never wanted to deal with a law firm putting a judgement out there or taking my pay check.  Now I just wish Midland would delete all the paid accounts!!



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