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Hello all! So two days ago I sponser my mom an she opens an NFCU account. I tell that she should app for an credit card. She doesn't want two at first . She had an amex an other cards about 15yrs ago and in trouble with them. But since then she only has an open JC Penny card. So she apps an to my disbelief she get an NFCU Cash Rewarded Visa Signature Card with an $7000 limit. Then she add me as an user an the send me an card! Wow I hope this helps me on my quest to get an higher credit score! So now I have NFCU nrewards scured $2000, NFCU Cash Rewards $7000 aux user, Cap1 300, Cap1 500 credit steps cards, CareCredit $3000 limit. Wow 4 mouths ago I nonthing . I hope by next year I could get the Visa Signature Card. Thanks