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Re: MCM wanting more information instead of processing dispute.

chasmith wrote:

I would respond something like this (snail mail, CMRRR):


"You made a report to the Credit Bureau.  If you made that report without sufficient knowledge of its accuracy you have already violated the Fasir Credit Reporting Act.  Failing to promptly delete the reporting when you have confirmed you cannot verify by your letter dated MM/DD/YYYY is a second violtaion.  Please confirm prompt deltion of your improper reporting."

I think this is so funny. I disputed online with all 3 CRAs, and they're also asking me for more information. So can the letter that MCM sent to me today be proof that they cannot verify? Also, what information do they need to provide to validate a debt? In my letter, they have T-Mobile for $1067.53. I don't believe I owe them that much. But I don't have any of my own records from my T-Mobile account. So how do I handle this? (I'm sort of new at repairing my credit)

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