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Aargon CA and What They Have Told Me...Is this true???

First off, thank you for any help or advice. A little background, I had a collections account because of I (unknowingly) defaulted on a Nevada Power energy bill for $200.00. It was sent to Aargon Collection Agency and showed up on my report late 2010.

I have sent a DV letter and they validated the debt. I then sent a pay for delete letter. I just received a phone call from them. The guy told me that there is absolutely zero chance of getting a "pay for delete" letter because of (insert excuse here). He then told me that I WOULD be able to get it deleted from my reports. He said that once I pay it, I will receive a letter stating that the debt is payed in full. He then said that I could take that letter to the credit reporting agencies, ask them to take it off, they would contact the collection agency to make sure it was ok and then it would be removed.

This just sounds fishy to me. I even asked if he could provide me a letter stating that his agency would agree to remove the account from my report if the credit reporting agencies asked them. He said there was no such letter. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I am looking to buy a house in 6 months and this is the only negative thing on my report.