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Re: MCM wanting more information instead of processing dispute.

I have had CA's demand my full name, DOB, ss #, address, phone number, employer information, and a copy of the bill I was disputing.  Huh?   Seriously - they wanted me to provide all the information to them that they did not have.   I don't think (and it's been years since this has happened) that any of them could ever verify the debt.   And I did refuse to provide more information.  My stance was - they had enough information to put it on my CR and to send me a letter - then when I provided to them what information they provided to me in the first place (dunning notice), then they had enough information to pull up the account and verify.  I think (again, it's been years) that in each case the CA stopped trying to collect and removed from CR.   In each and every case - I did  not owe the money.   


Lol - if they insist they can only look up the account by your social security number, laugh.   Same with DOB, address, etc.  The dunning notice has an account number on it. That should be good enough.


As for your debt, it sounds like you acknowledge you owe some money, just unsure of the amount.  How old is the debt?