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Re: The Annual Disappointment

JoshInReno wrote:



I have never paid on that judgment. How would a person go about checking the courthouse docket?

Most jurisdictions are online now. Try the Clerk of Courts section of your county to see your judgment.

The judgment is really holding you back as well as utility. That is a public record that will last for much longer than 7.5 years. Check the Nevada state statutes to see how long a judgment lasts in your area (if that is where you are). Typical is ten to twenty years and many jurisdictions have a renewal process. Also, the judgment has been accruing interest the entire time since it was issued. The interest is limited by statute, usually a prime plus type of thing, so check the statute for the permitted amount too. The judgment will prevent a purchase of a home with a mortgage. So you want to take care of it ASAP.  Consider getting in touch with the judgment lienholder to see if you can get it vacated in exchange for payment.  If they won't do that, then make sure you get a recorded Satisfaction for payment.