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Re: Starting out my credit rebuilding project Need advice

Bye Bye Pinnacle Credit Services!!


Sent out DV and disputes with CB about 2 and half weeks ago.. Refreshed report today and BAM!! Gone off Experian and Equifax still on TU (Should come off soon im assuming, since they were the last ones EOS came off of also)


New Scores:


Credit Scores (USAA Credit Monitoring Scores)


Experian- 513, 525, 552


Equifax- 517, 567, 579


TransUnion- 541, 552 <--- Waiting for PCS to drop off this report




Starting Score: Exp:513 | TU:541 | EQ:517 - 11/13/2012
Current Score: Exp:623 | TU FICO:639 | EQ FICO:743 - 01/24/2012
Wallet: Applied Bank $200, OpenSkyCC $300, 1st Tech CU Secured $2k, Discover IT $1.5k, CITI AA $2.8k, USAA AMEX $7.5k
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