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Re: MCM wanting more information instead of processing dispute.

It is not improper, per se, for a party who is required to investigate a dispute to assert that the consumer has not provided adequate information for them to conduct a reasonable investigation of the accuracy of the information.


The direct dispute process provides specific provision for them to do so by simply holding the dispute frivolous or irrelevant, identifying to the best of their ability what is lacking.  However, your dispute was not a direct dispute. 


When disputes are referred to them via a CRA, they could respond that the dispute has inadequate supporting documentation to conduct a reasonable investigation.  However, they would then have to rely on the CRA agreeing, and thus holding the dispute as frivolous or irrelevant, as they dont have that authority when disputes are being handled by the CRA.  They should not ask the consumer for more info, they should request the CRA to dismiss the dispute.