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Re: Reaged Account

I actually was following your post in the CC boards so I kind of have an understanding of where you are now.  First off, the CA cannot reset the SOL or CRTP of the original OC.  Now, with that being said, there is one possible way this can happen.  Did you ever sign anything or agree to a payment plan from Receivables Performance and then not follow through with it?  The reason I ask is because if you have done that, it can in some cases restart the clock.


Part 2 of this question, you say the account was from late 2006.  Is that when the account was open or when it went bad.  The DOFD is set when the account first went bad and was not returned to paid as agreed status.  


If the account had went bad in 2006 and you did not have a prior agreement with this CA, then you do have a problem.  Is this paid or unpaid?  Not that it matters as to how it reports, it's just that I like to have the debts paid or settled so they don't come back.


Now what I personally would do is file a direct dispute with Receivables Performance as to the particulars of this debt, to include the DOFD of it.  If that does not rectify the problem, then I would file a FTC violation and perhaps the state AG.  Some, including myself have had some success with the BBB, but that only works on the CAs that care if they even have a BBB rating.


Hope this helps, I'm around here quite a bit, so feel free to hit me up anytime.  Good Luck.

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