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Re: Reaged Account

No,, as stated before, there is no way the CA can reset the DOFD of the account.  You have no agreement prior with them, so how can you be in violation of that agreement.  They have the debt, that is all.  Yes, dispute this with them, not the CRAs, all the CRA dispute is just a watered down eOscar file that includes basically no information.  You will want to dispute with the CA and advise them what you are disputing.  Do you have any prior evidence to the DOFD?  Maybe an old CR with the account on there with the correct DOFD?  This will go along way, it wouldn't be thrown out as frivolous if you have proof.


As far as the FTC and the AG complaints, they are simple and straight forward.  You can just go online to their websites and enter your complaints there.

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