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Re: Reaged Account
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When the debt collector received collection authority or when they opened their collection with the CRAs has zero to do with the DOFD, and thus expiration of the credit report exclusion period.


The post seems to equate their reporting of their collection as reporting of an updated DOFD.  I dont see any specific evidence of their having reported a later, improper DOFD.   Thus, I dont see basis for filing a dispute over their reported DOFD.


To support a dispute, you need clear evidence of their reporting of a DOFD that is contrary to FCRA 623(a)(5),  If the OC account was closed in arrears in 2007, the DOFD would necessarily be some date prior to closing date.

A dispute needs some basis for their investigation of improper reporting.  I dont see a clear basis for a dispute at this point.  Any date pertaining to their reporting of their collection is not per se reporting of a DOFD.