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Re: Reaged Account

Here is how I would hit that. First of all, the DOFD cannot be changed. That is a fact of your account, and that is a date that should be set in stone. The OC is required by law to be accurate in this reporting, and if they are not, this alone warrants a deletion of the account (or an update to the correct DOFD). The Date of Last Activity can be changed, and likely will be updated to reflect that if you call them or make a payment. You need to find out the SOL for your state, and see if the DOFD is close to that. If you have a 6 year SOL in your state, that puts you into 2013 for the SOL to be up. If it is going to occur soon (early 2013), I would let it sit and then after that SOL is up, I would call and offer a small percentage of the balance in trade for deletion of the account, citing the fact that the SOL is up but you want it off of your report. If that doesn't work, then I would go and file a direct dispute citing age of account with the 3 CRAs. If you want it taken care of now, be prepared to pay the full balance as they can sue you for it if it is within SOL. You can try to offer a settlement for less than you owe, but within SOL it is harder. You could also try a PFD now, start with half of the balance and go up from there until they agree. Get it in writing first, of course. 

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