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Collection Reported with no prior attempt to notify me of debt..not even a letter sent via mail
Last month I received a fico score alert showing an almost 100 pt drop..from 760 to 662 because of 2 collections being reported to my credit report. Upon researching I found out that they were medical in the amounts of $43 and $52 from when my son injured himself back in May. These amounts were billed by one of the outside lab companies I think (total bills during his 3 day stay was over 10k mostly paid by insurance). Anyway, the collection agency said they would delete them if I pay which I did. They were supposed to be deleted Dec 1st as of today no alert. But, my main question is is this even legal in the first place? To report without first attempting to contact for payment. They acknowledged that they never sent a letter and they received the debt Nov 1st and reported to the bureaus Nov 6th. Thx