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Re: Confession

NY_Beauty wrote:

I am really overwhelmed by this whole credit score and report stuff.  I look at my CR and still can't make sense of much of it.  Although I have a few degrees I feel like an idiot.  I do wish I could pay someone to at least tell me what to do because I am lost. 


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Hi and welcome to Myfico forum!


Start with pulling your FREE Credit Report's from They tend to have more info on them than ones from a 3rd party. The Credit Reports from, come directly from each of the CRA's. You can pull 1 Free Credit Report from TU, EQ and EX every 12 months.

Save your money and Don't Buy the Scores, they are what we call FAKO's.



I am going to suggest that you start the journey by reading the following threads: 



What Steps Do I Take?



That will give you a great place to start!   Also you want to opt out first before contacting these creditors... to opt out go to:


The next advice I can give is to contact and deal with each creditor one by one. If you wake all the sleeping bears at once you may not be able to deal with them fast enough to avoid a judgment being filed. Best of luck and if you use the search function to search for each of your creditors you can see how others have dealt with them successfully in the past. Best of luck!

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