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Re: Verizon Wireless DELETED!!!
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r1lukasz wrote:

Just get off the phone with Verizon Wireless they agree to delete collection account!!! The lady from verizon told me that they got many calls and gw letters from me and will remove account from CB, can't wait to see this off my report my Transunion ficco is 756 with one collection from verizon, Now nothing can stop me while buying house in the summer!!!


Here is the phone number I used 800-922-0204. Press # at prompt, then press 0





 I just tried this very thing and connected with the best customer service rep ever! She actually took the time to research the actual policy and discovered that they have no problem removing paid collections from credit reports by going through the Treasury Department. She copied and pasted the entire policy into a request to the TReasury department which had closed at the time so that there was no question that this is feasible. She is going to call them tomorrow and talk to them directly then will call me back in the afternoon. What a sweetheart! No guarantees it will be successful, but she was very positive and proactive. And this is after I wrote a GW letter to the CFO here in New Jersey whose office forwarded it to the Executive Relations department who called me incessantly for a week just to tell me that they would do nothing once we finally connected. I'll report back if my efforts were successful. Thanks for the info! I have hope again!

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