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$4500 for a mortage delete?

I was watching a realtiy show in TLC the other night and they showed a lady going to a credit restoration service to get their credit fixed so they could apply for a mortgage. They showed the name of the company and I googled them. I contacted them about helping me. I have 23 negatives on my account, all over 2 years old. One is a mortgage that has 11 months of straight lates. He said that was killing me and to get it removed would be 4500 and would take about 2-3 months. If I didn't want to get that done, for 1500 I could get most of everything else removed (most are settled chargeoffs). I'm wondering if this is standard? I have tried for 15 months to get things removed myself and have only got 1 out 23 removed. I have sent over 200 letters, emails and faxes. I need to turn elsewhere because I'm getting nowhere. Does his charges sound reasonable? Is there another service that could offer the same results for a lower price? I even asked on here if a more experienced person would be willing to work with me for compensation but everyone said I needed to do it myself. I have tried and have got nowhere. Any advice?