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Re: Can I send this letter to the CRAs for deletion?
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awdsmama wrote:

So not what I wanted to hear ;-)

In the time I have been in here, I have seen some solid examples of PFD or even GW success whereby the creditor said they'd delete. Knowing the history of the OC/CA, I felt very confident they would delete quickly, but unfortunately the poster would post that they disputed it instead. Where it would normally take a week or two or three (they always say 30-60 days to cover their butts), it took a month or longer because I'm positive the dispute delayed the baddie's demise. What I think happens is that the OC/CA puts it in their system to delete. They mostly update in batches. Unfortunately a dispute can come in to them before the update resulting in a delay while they investigate the validity of the baddie. That slows the deletion process by up to 30-45 days, or the dispute time frame. Had the ex-debtor only waited....But I've seen some in here that always delete within a week or two after sending the letter only to result in a delay of a month or two before it falls off [because of a dispute request].