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Two late payments from 2010 on Best Buy card. Do I send GW letter to HSBC or Capital One?
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I missed a couple of payments on my Best Buy card in 2010. I'd like to try out a goodwill letter, but I'm not sure whether I should send it to HSBC or Capital One. As you're probably aware, Capital One bought most of HSBC's accounts earlier this year, and my Best Buy account was among those.


I'm a little confused because my Transunion and Experian reports list the account as HSBC Best Buy, but my Equifax report lists it as CAP1/Damark International Inc.

The contact address is the same on all three: PO Box 5253 Carol Stream, IL 60197.


Should I just send my GW letter to that address or should I send it somewhere else?


Should I send the letter to HSBC because they were the last to report the account or should I send it to Capital One because they now own it?