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Starting over...NEED help

I have been so inspired by the blogs in this forum that I am committed to starting over and rebuilding my credit. The only problem that I am having is that I have several late payments showing from Santander in the last 24 months. How should I go about sending my GW letter, mail or email? What exactly should I be asking for? I have read on some of these forums that Santander is good about deleting late payments for their customers. Also, I am going to pay my car off by the end of Dec., should I send the GW letter before or after I pay the car off? 


I just got a secured credit card through my credit union (Vystar) for $1000 with a 13% APR. My plan is to get another secured card from BofA in the beginning of Jan. I have no other active credit cards or revolving CL's.





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