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Once you filed a dispute with the result being deletion of the collection, it cannot be reinserted by any party without including with their reporting the now-missing verification of its accuracy, so if picked up by another debt collector, they have a hoop to jump through by first providing per-verification.  Not a assurance that it wont be reported by another debt collector, but if it is, challenge their reporting if the CRA does not provide you notice that they have reinserted based on the provision of the required pre-verification.


What prior reporting was made by the OC?  Apparently a charge-off?

If the OC sold the debt, they are out of the picture, and any deletion of any reporting they made would require a request for their good-will. 

Difficulty in obtaining GW deletion is usually higher if the OC has taken the prior step of considering your debt uncollectible, but give it a whirl.