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Re: Sphinx313's Credit Journal. The road to 700!

sphinx313 wrote:

This is very interesting news. Let me just get this off my chest...if they freeze all 3 of my direct deposits and leave me hanging for 2 weeks on a formality, they will have to physically remove me from the bank or give me my money on the spot. I am actually going to inquire about this practice tomorrow morning because I believe that is ridiculous and with my current debt repayment situation I am in no position to have my money frozen for weeks.

Keep us updated. This is a normal practice i researched it on other site after I googled when I had trouble getting a bank account before. I had good success disputing chex they deleted after like 2 weeks 3 different accounts. Just have to work EWS but been pretty lazy and pretty happy with my CU anyway (Not a big bank so no worry about EWS)

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