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Is there such thing as temporary increase?

Hi all,

This is my first post ever. I just started this journey to build back my credit score a couple of days ago. I pulled and dispute 3 accts that were showing late payments online with all 3 credit bureaus and signed up with score watch on 12/5 and today I've got a email alert that my EX fico score went up from 599 to 606 due to changes to those 3 accts. is it really possible for my score goes up this fast? I thought it might take several weeks. This not just a temp increase right? I'm tempted to pay for EX credit report right now To check what happened.

Starting Score: 2/22/12: EQ 530, TU 553, EX 528(lender). 12/4/12 (rebuilding starts)= EQ 599.
Current Score: 1/4/16: EQ 743, TU FICO 724, EX 737.
Goal Score: 750 all across.

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